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Unofficial Intelligence
Internet news, pop-culture, and the quest to find the nuggets of truth you didn't know you needed.
Welcome to Unofficial Intelligence!

My name is Steve and each week my friends Ben and Anthony come by so that I can justify having more than one couch in my living room. We talk about the things that matter most in life, like who just got cast for a show based on a video game or why it’s better to order unsalted fries from McDonald's. Point is we hope all the random things we’ve learned through bizarre personal experiences or late night YouTube worm holes can help you in some way. Who knows maybe it’ll even give you something to talk about at parties whenever that’s a thing you can do again. We hope you enjoy our ramblings while you’re doing whatever it is that you’re doing. Honk twice if you’re in traffic! Let us hype you up while you bust out that last super set! You got it! Push! Believe!!!

About your hosts

Steve Ciccone

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Steve is one third of the bizarre comedy minds behind Unofficial Intelligence. He spent the last decade of his life living in sunny Los Angeles and is back to enduring actual weather again in New York. When he's not nerding out over fan theories about grown men and women in tights and capes, he's enjoying a nice single origin coffee. Once upon a time a gigging drummer with his SoCal reggae band and now a podcaster. Next thing you know he may try stand-up comedy and really make his parents proud.

Ben Armato

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Greatest accomplishments include: Platinum Trophies on Skyrim and Kingdom Hearts III, ruining a good 10 years of his life with student loan repayments, and being a go-to for fast food knowledge.

Loves spicy food and will make you try it by saying “it’s not that bad” just to get your reaction.

Avid New York Mets and Liverpool FC fan.

Anthony T

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Your friendly neighborhood Podcaster with too many hobbies and favorite things! I'm a Father, Husband and nerd with the desires for story telling and comedy.